TDi Systems Inc. provides modeling, simulations, and analysis of electrical power systems, for transmission, distribution, generation and industrial systems. We have extensive experience and specialized capabilities in the Wind Generation and Oil/Gas sectors.


Our services are generally offered to other engineering firms as part of the project team.


TDi Systems Inc. provides reports and results. We perform calculations and analysis throughout the design phase, to give advice and guidance for designs. Reports provide recommendations for settings and results.

Software Tools

We have standard and advanced software licenses. Multiple high level commercial software tools assist us in our analysis, calculations, and consultations. When commercial software does not provide the needs and requirements, we may develop specialized engineering software, to support our activities.

Popular Items

Arc Flash Analysis
Protection Coordination
Harmonic Analysis
Motor Starting
And more

Solution Packages for Value Added Competitive Advantage

We developed specialized solution packages. If a need is identified and then requested, that is value added. If this is the only developed package, then a competitive advantage is obtained.